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robert and irene cowan after claiming for ppiIn July 2007, Robert and Irene Cowan were both retired when they were offered bad investment advice by their Halifax branch on inheritance tax. Despite never having had any investment experience in the past they were persuaded to take out a PIP (Personal Investment Plan) and invest £50,000 of their savings.

They received a small amount of income each month from their investment (£110) but they watched the overall value of their investment fall by several thousand pounds over the next few years.

The disappointing performance of the policy left them in a difficult situation financially as their only other income amounted to a pension of about £10,000 a year. This led them to seek help from CLAIMS.

When Paul Cooper of CLAIMS looked at their story he could see that the policy had been mis sold:
"…they were both retired and had no prior experience of risk investments. "

"In this case it was crystal clear that the financial report completed by the Halifax advisor was completely inadequate."

The bank responded to our claim submission by agreeing to compensate Mr and Mrs Cowan who recieved £4,772.28 after our CLAIMS' fee and VAT had been paid.

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franklins happy with mis sold ppi claim compensation"We had no thoughts or idea about making claims against our credit card and loan companies for compensation for their errors. We heard about Claims UK through personal recommendations and saw no reason not to give it a try.

Claims UK were so easy to deal with and quickly sent us all the necessary forms, which we promptly filled in with honestly little hope of hearing any more. After some months our first compensation cheque arrived, soon followed by several more. We could not believe our good fortune and were amazed when we added up all the refunds and they amounted to several thousand pounds. Due to the help we received from CLAIMS we have been able to fulfil a life-long dream by going on our first 9 day Caribbean cruise."

David & Mary contacted us with a number of different credit card accounts that they had held over the years. Despite people not always having all the details of the cards we are still able to make enquiries and gather all the information we need to make a claim. Once we had managed to get the different lenders to make David & Mary an offer of compensation we meticulously checked their calculations and only when we were satisfied that the offer was appropriate did we advise our clients to accept. In this way we were able to ensure that they received the maximum compensation possible for their mis sold ppi.

Please note that we no longer handle PPI claims however if you need help we are happy to give you some free advice.

 MIS SOLD BY BARCLAYS – CASE STUDY: Jeffrey & Anna Quick, Sussex
- An AVIVA Morley GlobalIncome fund
quicks after claiming for mis sold ppiIn 1997 Jeffrey & Anna Quick invested £100,000 into a Morley GlobalGlobal Income fund that was sold to them by Barclays.

They had received the cash as a result of a legacy after a death in the family. When the money came in they were encouraged by the bank to not leave it in a savings account.

Anne Quick: "They said you can't just leave the money here in your account, you need to see one of our advisers."

At the time Mr & Mrs Quick were both retired and were on a modest monthly income. Neither of them had any experience of investments and had to watch their investment fall by about £10,000 over the next few years.

Mrs Quick said; "we were very vulnerable, as this was our pension pot money."

After having contacted CLAIMS Mr & Mrs Quick were able to receive a thorough assessment of their case and a bad investments claim was submitted to Barclays, and later after having been taken to the Financial Ombudsman Service Barclays finally agreed to compensate Jeffrey and Anna. After paying claims fee and VAT they recieved £22,335.98.

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Successful Claim and hayashi happy after ppi claimsCompensation Payment in UNDER 10 WEEKS
22nd May: forms returned to CLAIMS office via freepost envelope
23rd May:complaint sent to bank
12th July:initial offer from Natwest
13th July:assessment of offer and response to Natwest
2nd August:£3,932.24 deposited into client's current account by Natwest for mis selling PPI (after paying our fee and VAT)

Masakazu Hayashi:
"It was so easy with CLAIMS, we filled out the form that was clear and simple to complete. Once we had posted it back they got straight on with our claim and then less than two months later CLAIMS had managed to secure an offer from Natwest to repay us over £5000. Three weeks later this offer was increased and Natwest had deposited £5531.58 into our current account.

This was a great help and largely unexpected by my wife and I. We were grateful to not have to do more than complete one form. CLAIMS took care of all the enquiries needed. They made a robust complaint on our behalf which helped to ensure we got the best offer possible.

I would recommend CLAIMS for their professional approach and good customer service that allowed us to get on with our life and not have to worry."

Please note that we no longer handle PPI claims however if you need help we are happy to give you some free advice.